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Mark Your Calendar for our 2017 Season of Shows

December 8-18, 2016- A Charlie Brown Christmas 

Directed by Tanya Caldwell

The classic animated television special, A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS comes to life in this faithful stage adaptation where Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the other Peanuts grapple with the real meaning of Christmas.

Feb 3-12 Wedding Secrets by Joe Starzyk

A Georgia Premier!

A young couple, Bill and Susan, meet and have a whirlwind romance. After a brief period of dating they impulsively decide to marry. To ease the shock on the families they tell their parents that they’re engaged. As they travel to Bill’s house so that the families can meet for the first time, they discover they aren’t the only ones with a secret. Once world’s collide we learn of marital separation, financial trouble, Irish revolutionaries, menopause, lounge singers, impotence, the Phantom of the Opera and lots of more. Misunderstandings ensue as everyone tries to figure out everyone else’s secrets. In the end love triumphs over all. Or does it?

March 17-April 2-The Foreigner by Larry Shue

Directed by Scott King

The scene is a fishing lodge in rural Georgia often visited by "Froggy" LeSeuer, a British demolition expert who occasionally runs training sessions at a nearby army base. This time "Froggy" has brought along a friend, a pathologically shy young man named Charlie who is overcome with fear at the thought of making conversation with strangers. So "Froggy," before departing, tells all assembled that Charlie is from an exotic foreign country and speaks no English. Once alone the fun really begins, as Charlie overhears more than he should. Nonstop hilarity!

May 5-21- The Children’s Hour by Lillian Hellman 

Directed by Allan Dodson

One of the great successes of this distinguished writer. A serious and adult play about two women who run a school for girls. After a malicious youngster starts a rumor about the two women, the rumor soon turns to scandal. As the young girl comes to understand the power she wields, she sticks by her story.

June 1-4  Moon Light and Magnolias by Ron Hutchinson

Directed by Debbie McLaughlin

Dinner theatre at the Crossing Restaurant in Norcross

1939 Hollywood is abuzz. Legendary producer David O. Selznick has shut down production of his new epic, Gone with the Wind. The screenplay, you see, just doesn't work. So what's an all-powerful movie mogul to do?  Selznick sends a car for famed screenwriter Ben Hecht and pulls formidable director Victor Fleming from the set of The Wizard of Oz. Summoning both to his office, he locks the doors, closes the shades, and on a diet of bananas and peanuts, the three men labor over five days to fashion a screenplay that will become the blueprint for one of the most successful and beloved films of all time.

July 13-16 Robin Hood by Tim Kelly

Directed by Cameron Sutherland

Robin Hood, the outlaw of Sherwood Forest, leads a merry life with his merry followers.  Anyone who is hungry or who has no place to live is welcome in the greenwood.  Maid Marion, Friar Tuck and the evil Sheriff of Nottingham are all here in this popular tale for the whole family and it’s all told in rousing fashion!

July 21-August 6 CLYBOURNE PARK

Directed by Joanie McElroy

Produced by Merely Players and Lionheart Theatre Company

Sept 15-Oct 1 -August Osage County by Tracy Letts

Directed by Myrna Feldman 

A vanished father. A pill-popping mother. Three sisters harboring shady little secrets. When the large Weston family unexpectedly reunites after Dad disappears, their Oklahoman family homestead explodes in a maelstrom of repressed truths and unsettling secrets. Mix in Violet, the drugged-up, scathingly acidic matriarch, and you've got a major new play that unflinchingly—and uproariously—exposes the dark side of the Midwestern American family

October Oct 26-29 Lawless Spirits Tour

Wander through the streets of Historic Norcross and see the past come to life. Gun fights, Carnival folk, a Trial. Hear ghost stories and train stories by the fire. This guided walking tour is a must for history buffs as well as those who love a good story.   Family friendly and wheel chair accessible.

November-3-19 Laughter on the 23rd Floor by Neil Simon

Directed by Lee Finocchio

Inspired by the playwright's youthful experience as a staff writer on Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, with all the attendant comic drama as the harried writing staff frantically scrambles to top each other with gags while competing for the attention of star madman "Max Prince”.

December 7-17 A Christmas Carol by Michael A. Youngs

Directed by Tanya Caldwell

Here is a delightfully refreshing version of Charles Dickens’s classic Christmas tale told from a new perspective — a young boy’s grandfather.  Thomas enjoys spending time at his grandfather’s prominent London business, but has trouble understanding why his grandfather would give his hard-earned money to the poor.  This gives Grandfather the perfect opportunity to tell the story of Ebenezer Scrooge as he recalls it, and a traditional retelling of A Christmas Carol comes to life onstage as a play-within-a-play. In this beautifully written adaptation, you’ll find all of the classic Charles Dickens characters.